Bug Zapper Electronic Mosquito Zappers Indoor High Powered Insect Killer,Gnat Fruit Flies Trap,Silent Mosquito Killer with Lights Effective Operation for Home,Office

Price: $18.99
(as of Aug 11,2022 00:08:43 UTC – Details)

Instead of using chemical-laden insecticides and sticky, messy pesticides, our bug zappers is a purely physical way to help you quickly kill mosquitoes and meet your need to stay away from them.
Wiok bug zapper indoor comes with a thickened protective cover to prevent children and pets from accidentally touching it.
Using mosquitoes’ phototropic and heat-regulating properties, bug zapper fires a steady wave of light to attract mosquitoes to fly in and then kill them.
Mosquito zapper does not emit a “buzzing” noise when used, allowing you and your family to sleep soundly.
Usage Hints:

  • Please turn off all light sources and provide a dark environment for optimal mosquito eradication.
  • Do not directly touch the inside of the product;
  • Do not use liquid to clean the product;
  • Children should use this product with their parents;
  • After pulling out and before cleaning the product, please use the screwdriver to contact the inside to release static electricity;
  • Please stay away from flammable when using.

How to use?
1. Insert the product into a socket;
2. Mosquito killer can work normally when the switch is turned on;
3. There is a tray for mosquito storage at the bottom of the mosquito killer. After taking it out, please clean it with the distributed brush.

Packaging features
Size: 7.9 * 3.5 * 3.5 in
Packing include: 1 x Bug zapper,1 x Small brush.
Efficient: Wiok bug zapper shell is made of high quality ABS material, which provides a more stable light wave to effectively attract mosquitoes, thus killing them and keeping you away from the annoyance of bugs.
Low Noise: Our bug zapper indoor makes almost no noise and can be used as a night light.
Wide coverage: Although small in size, but the mosquito killer can effectively cover 17 square meters of space, suitable for bedroom, living room, baby room, kitchen, bathroom, garage, etc.
Safety: The mosquito zapper kills mosquitoes in a full physical way, with a protective cover on it, which can effectively prevent children and pets from touching by mistake.
Easy to use/clean: Plug the mosquito zapper into a socket, turn it on, and it kills pesky mosquitoes for you. After use, take out the tray at the bottom of the mosquito storage, and then clean the bug zapper with the distributed brush.

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