Electronic Smart Door Lock, Fingerprint, Code and Fob Entry, Touchscreen Keypad Fingerprint Password Unlock Access Control System with Removable Handle for Home/Office Security

Price: $44.82
(as of Jul 12,2022 03:59:23 UTC – Details)

Multiple ways to open the door: fingerprint, password, key. Direction of the door handle can be adjusted, suitable for opening the door to either side. High standard semiconductor fingerprint sensing up to 600DP, less than 0.5s scan and response time. Accurate reading, sensitive response. Zinc alloy lock body is more superior and more secure. Full touch panel: clean and tidy layout, unique design. High sensitivity, just press the button with a little effort. Scramble PIN code technology, you can enter a set of numbers freely and conform by ## before entering the correct password to prevent peeping. Equipped with an emergency charging port for Android charging cable, no worry about failure of opening the door due to power off.

Condition: Brand New
Lock Panel Material: Alloy
Lock Body Material: Stainless steel
Lock Core Material: Copper
Administrator Quantity: 5
Ordinary User Quantity: 80
Single Quantity: 15
Scan Time: <0.5s
Lock Body Center Distance: 60mm
Power Supply: 4 AA batteries (excluded)
Applicable Door Thickness: 30-65mm
Applicable Type: Indoor door
Unlock Method: Fingerprint, password, key
Applicable Environment: Indoor temperature
Lock Size: Approx.155*178*65mm/6.1*7.0*2.6in
Lock Core Size: Approx.26*60*56mm/1.0*2.4*2.2in
Package weight: Approx.2552g/90.0oz

Package List:
2 * Lock Body
1 * Lock Core
1 * Case
1 * Installation Kit
1 * Lockwasher
2 * Key
1 * User Manual

Several ways to open the door: fingerprint, password, keys. Uses the encryption PIN code technology. You can freely enter a series of numbers and match ## before entering the correct password to prevent eavesdropping.
High Sensitivity: High standard fingerprint for semiconductors up to 600 dpi, scanning and response time under 0.5 seconds. Accurate reading, sensitive answer. Please keep your finger and fingerprint area dry and clean before use.
Removable handle: The door lock has a handle for easy opening. But attention, please! ! ! The handle is removable (comes with a disassembly tool). Depending on your door construction, you decide whether this door lock is mounted on the left or right.
Full Touch Panel: Clean and tidy layout, unique design. Highly sensitive touchpad, just press the button with a little force. Keys on inferior digital door locks often fail and cause problems. But with our castle, these problems would all disappear.
Emergency charging connection: When using the electronic interlock, the most well-maintained sign is that the interlock fails due to a power failure. Therefore, this digital door lock is equipped with an emergency charging port for Android charging cables, so opening the door is not compromised by switching off the device.

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