LG Electronics 6711A20034G Air Conditioner Remote

Price: $21.97 - $19.95
(as of Oct 11,2022 07:33:12 UTC – Details)

LG 6711A20034G Air Conditioner Remote Control, White. For use with the following LG Electronics models: LWHD1006R, LWHD1500ER, LWHD1800R, LWHD1200FR, LWHD2500ER, LT1230HR, LWHD1000R, LT1030HR, L1006R, LWHD1209R, LB1000ER, LWHD1200R, L1006RY6, LW2510ER, GL6000ER, LW8010ER, LW1810ER, LT081CER, LT103CER, LW8000ER, LW8010ER, LT0810CR, LWHD1009R, L8010ER, LW1010ER, LWHD8000R, LT121CNR, LW1210ER, LWHD2500ERY9, LT143CNR, L1010ER, LW1510ER, LWHD1000CR, L1210ER, LWHD1450ER, L1810ER, LWHD122FR, L1204R, LB8000ER, L1804R, TEC101ALMK0, UWC101LDMK1, UWC101LDMK3. Refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part.

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