Pair of Ankle Weights Can Be Adjusted Up to 5.5 LB Each Set of 2 x Weight Wraps (Total 11 lbs) – Leg Weights, Walking Weights, Exercise Wrist Weights – Adjustable Weights for Man and Women at Home

Price: $34.99
(as of Sep 04,2022 04:02:07 UTC – Details)

5 LB Adjustable Ankle / Wrist Weights

EASY TO ADJUST: You can easily adjust the tightness of the weights on your legs and hands
More importantly you can adjust how much weight you want to use
Comes with 20 x metal sticks to adjust the weights, all you have to do is take out or add the metal sticks from the wrap

2 x Ankle Wraps
20 x 0.55-LB Metal Sticks
Each wrap has 10 slots for the metal sticks, and can be adjusted 0.55 LB at a time
Perfect set that can be used for all kids of exercsies that needs Anke or Wrist Weights in the range of 0.55 LB up to 5.5 LB

The weights are the great choice for those who want to get great results in calf, ankles, thigh, this will imporve and workout every part of your leg or arms

Dont have time to work out?
By getting this weight set, you will have time to get a workout in anytime
You can get a workout in by wearing this while going to work, or during the day at work, or even while going shopping, nobody has to see you wearing this you can hide it under you pants (of course not tight pants)
High quality material makes the training process more comfortable and enjoyable
Perfect equipment for running and all kids of cardio training

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