Power Meter Plug, Power Consumption Monitor Electricity Usage Monitor Analyzer Home Energy Consumption Analyzer with Digital LCD Display, Overload Protection and 7 Display Modes for Energy Saving

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Electricity Usage Monitor
Easily measure the power consumption and cost of your electrical appliances. Simply plug the meter into the wall and then plug your appliance into the meter. 
it immediately starts recording the power consumption. Local electricity cost can be set in order to easily see the Electricity Expense in real time.
With the help of this Power Meter Monitor, You can make certain how much your standby appliances cost, what the power factor is, whether the appliances are really charged, and how long have your appliances been charged.

Mode 1: Time/Cumulative Electrical Quantity Display
Mode 2: Time/Voltage Frequency Display
Mode 3: Time/Current Frequency Display
Mode 4: Time/Power Factor Display
Mode 5: Time/Cost Display
Mode 6: Time/Maximal Power Display
Mode 7: Time/Minimum Power Display

1.Mode 7 can directly occur while press down the button”cost”
2.Please read the numbers on the front angle of the LCD screen, not from the side view
3 .If an abnormal display appears or the buttons produce no response, the instrument must be reset. You can press the RESET button to reset it

Frequency Display: 60Hz
Dimensions: 6.1”x2.8”x1.2”
Operating Current: Max 15A
Operating Voltage: 120V AC
Frequency Display: 0Hz~9999Hz
Wide Voltage Range: 110V-130V
Voltage Display Range: 0V~9999V
Current Display (amps): 0.000A~15.000A
Timing Display Range: 0 second~9999 days
Price Display Range: 0.00COST/KWH~99.99COST/KWH

1 X Power Meter 1 X User Manual

electricity Power consumption monitoring: The power usage monitor can monitor the standby or working power consumption of all electronic devices, which appliances are the killers of high energy consumption, and help you save electricity and money.watt meter
Blue backlight LCD display: The household electrical analyzer adopts a digital large backlight LCD display, wide viewing angle, a large backlight LCD display that is clear in the dark, and accumulates kWh circuit memory, which is easy to read and record data.
Overload warning: When the power of the whole machine exceeds the rated power of the monitor, the LCD screen of the power usage monitor will display “overload” to warn the user, allowing you to use electricity safely.
Various parameters: killawatt uses a built-in high-precision current sensor in the meter. Power (w), energy (kwh), voltage, amperage, power factor, cost, and min and max power are ideal for energy consumption monitoring of home appliances.
Tips and Warranty: The power meter can store final data so you can read the screen after a power outage. We take full responsibility for product quality. If you are not satisfied or for any reason, we will promptly refund you. No need to worry about placing an order.

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